Sewing and Gluing the Spine of the Book

After the sheets of a book are restored, folded and gathered, they are fastened together by thread. Here, the sewing is always done by hand, not by machine. Many different methods of sewing are applied at our workshop, depending on the paper substance, number of sections, type of binding, size of the book, its purpose and the requirements of the owner. Below are all the types of sewing.

-Non-adhesive bindings, such as 1 or 2 section bindings, single sheet codices.

-Simple sewing, such as single signature binding, palm leaf book, fan book, stick binding, ledger, side-bound book, hard cover for side binding, single signature binding, paperback book.

-Back-to-back accordion books, accordion with signatures.

-Coptic stitch, Coptic with accordion, Coptic with paired needle, Coptic with fold out pages.

-Sewing with raised bands (single or double bands).