About Us

KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery is a workshop specialized in the field of manual bookbinding and book conservation, such as restoration of manuscripts and old books as well as binding books, magazines, and catalogs with leather or fabric. The Bookbindery also performs edge gilding, leather cutting and hand tooling.

The workshop is very well-equipped with high quality materials imported from Germany, Belgium, and France

For Tooling purposes, KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery uses Armenian, Latin & Arabic letters in many sizes as well designs for tooling; it also makes custom-made clichés for any design.

KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery offers a wide selection of techniques and materials. It can be simple or elaborate, traditional or modern, based on the quality of the book, its contents, its anticipated use, and of course, the personal taste of the client or that of the binder.

Manual binding offers a challenging method for creative and artistic expression, within the limits imposed by the book itself. The bookbindery works on binding books that have become so fragile or so perishable as to render the book useless; KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery offers the opportunity to restore the book to its original splendor.

KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery offers a personal and caring contact to our clients’ requirements whether it is for an individual book or a large collection.

KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery offers the following services:

  • Restoration, preservation & conservation of manuscripts and old books
  • Manual sewing
  • Edge gilding
  • All kinds of binding: books, magazines, catalogs, university projects, diplomas, Official Gazette, boxes and custom bindings
  • Inlay design and Cut Leather/Leather engraving
  • Hand tooling with letters or “clichés”